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Space! An infinity of an unimaginable vastness. A vastness filled to brim with nothing and topped with a bunch of rocks. And yet here we are... Welcome, dear Pilot, to Space Seed Inc. !

You will take control of a spaceship specially equipped to generate and spread Life-Seeds. Your mission is to enter the asteroid field, navigate it and plant the Life-Seed on as many asteroids as you can all while competing against the other Pilot!

This is a two player competetive asteroids game where the goal is not to destroy life, but spread it!

Player 1 (Mr.Orange) controlls: W - engines, A/D - rotation, Left Shift - seeds, Left Ctrl - lasers.

Player 2 (Ms.Purple) controlls: Up - engines, Left/Right - rotation, Right Shift - seed, Right Ctrl (Right Alt on Mac) - lasers

This game participated in the libGDXjam, January 2016. Link to the game jam. Check out our DevLog. If you have any questions or thoughts, let us know on twitter.

If you like the game, be sure to rate us in the libGDXjam!

[21-1-2016] Update: improved loading, optimized for your benefit.

Install instructions

Download and execute the file to play. On Linux additional steps might be needed to run the jar file with a double click.

JRE is required on your system to run the game.


SpaceSeedInc.jar 14 MB


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Cool little seeding game! Let the seeding begin and may the force be with you!